Hello, and welcome to Deadly Challenge. This website serves primarily to house my book, GIVE, which is a series of ideas, perspectives, and experiments dealing with submission.

The book is available as a free ebook here.

I wrote GIVE over a decade ago, originally with the desire to seek publication. These days, I run Jeff Mach Events, and given how much of my time it eats, what I want most is to tell more people about the book, see what they think, see what connected with people, what made them upset, what perhaps inspired thoughts or new ideas.

My hope is that if enough people enjoy the book, it will pave the way for the project I see as, in many ways, its sequel: my play Seeds, a retelling of the myth of Hades and Persephone based on power exchange. I’m hoping to produce it in the near future.

If you like the book, pass it around! That’s what will give the play a chance for life. And if you like the book, I think you’ll like the play.

Regards and respect,

Jeff Mach